I just wanted to take a few minutes and to let you how much I appreciate what The First Tee has done for me and my Golf game.  Through the coaching that I received from the various golf pros, my game has improved tremendously.  I am so grateful and thankful that with more practice, I am confident that my score will go down even lower.  Also, thank you for all that The First Tee does within our community, for our children and our veterans in introducing the game of
golf to them. Thanks again and keep up the good work, you and The First Tee are greatly appreciated. – Willie Bell, Chapter Veteran Participant

“I would like to thank The First Tee for providing the veterans program. As a blind man, I enjoy the opportunity to again enjoy this great game of golf and to spend quality time with other veterans. As I had to miss a couple weeks due to being in the WPB VA, I hope to enjoy the summer session when it comes around. ” – Scott Siegel, Chapter Veteran Participant

“The First Tee National School Program is an all-inclusive program that is educational and tons of fun! The curriculum is teacher and student friendly and jammed packed with well planned, easy to follow lessons. Each lesson covers a variety of skills and emphasizes the importance of character development. The equipment is top notch! It’s beautiful, sturdy and perfectly designed for children of all ages. Support is provided for the program through visitations, continuing updates and online resources. In summary, I LOVE THE FIRST TEE! The First Tee National School Program is a wonderful for students and a breath of fresh air for a teacher that has been in the business twenty-nine years and counting.”

-PE Coach Johonna Cameron of Tropical Elementary