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South Florida was extremely lucky to be spared by Hurricane Dorian. However, our neighbors in Grand Bahama were totally devasted.

Chapter Director Joe Davis is a Bahamian citizen residing in the State of Florida. He is the Executive Chairman, CEO of Aerologistc Group Limited & Bahamas Development Bahamian Group Limited. Joe lost many family members and friends to the storm. Because of his relationships with the airline industry and the Bahamian government, Joe is helping to bring in needed supplies to Grand Bahama.

The U.S. has done a fantastic job sending traditional relief supplies such as water, clothing, tarps and grocery items. However, Grand Bahama is desperately in need of the following items:

Pickup Trucks
Extension Electrical Cords
Portable Generators
Multiple Power Outlets Surge Protectors
SAT Phones
Tool Belts
Chain Saws
Jerry Jugs 5 Gal
Scrubs (S,M,L)
Table Saw
Tile Cutter
Tile Wet Saw
Nail Guns
Cordless Drill
Router Bits

Tools for contractors, carpenters (i.e. power tools, skill saws, drills, hammers, etc.)

If you wish to donate, please drop off any of the above small supplies at our office at Eagle Trace, 1111 Eagle Trace Blvd., Coral Springs, FL. 33071. We will arrange to have the supplies flown or ferried to Grand Bahama.

Please contact Joe Davis to donate any vehicles or large items at